How to use an eyelash conditioner

How to use an eyelash conditioner
The condition of the eyelashes can be significantly improved by the regular application of a special conditioner on them. In order for its application to bring the maximum effect, you need to use the cosmetic product correctly.

You will need
  • Eyelash conditioner, make-up liquid from the eyes, cotton wool.
In order to make your eyelashes even thicker and longer, and also get a healthy shine, use a special conditioner. It not only strengthens them and helps to accelerate their growth, but also prevents the loss of eyelashes.

Apply the conditioner on eyelashes in the morning and in the evening. Use the drug courses. After 2-3 months of regular use of this tool, take a break for 2 months, and then resume the application. In the absence of any problems with eyelashes, apply to them a nutrient conditioner 1 once a day.

Choose a product according to your needs. If you want to strengthen eyelashes, get a regenerating conditioner with vitamins. If you want to stop their loss and accelerate their growth, pay attention to the remedies that can be purchased at specialized stores.

Apply the conditioner only on clean eyelashes. Before using it, clean the eyelids with a special make-up remover and cotton pad. This is especially true in the evening. Clean them even if you do not paint your eyelashes with mascara, as by the end of the day dust particles and other contaminants settle on them.

Do not apply too much nutrients to the eyelashes. It's enough to cover them with air conditioning in the 1 or 2 layer. After the product has dried a little, you can dye your eyelashes with mascara. If you use medical balm, for a while, stop using decorative cosmetics. In this case, the use of the air conditioner will be even more effective.

After applying the nourishing balm to the eyelashes, do not rinse it. If the application of the product causes you some discomfort, immediately remove the product from the eyelashes and in the future give preference to hypoallergenic products.

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