How to use acne cream

How to use acne cream
An acne cream helps to solve the problems associated with excessive secretion of sebum and the appearance of inflammatory elements. In order to use the cream as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to use it correctly.

You will need
  • Cream for acne, makeup remover, lotion, cotton wool.
If you are the owner of problem skin, an acne cream will help you improve her condition. Before buying cosmetics, consult the advice of a competent consultant. If you have the opportunity, visit a beautician. The specialist will help you choose the cream and lotions in accordance with your individual needs.

Remember that you need to apply the cream exclusively to the cleansed skin. Wash your face with water with the addition of a special cleanser, and then wipe the skin with a lotion or tonic. Choose products for skin care, belonging to the same cosmetic series. Correctly selected means will only enhance each other's action. It is especially important that the product for skin cleansing and tonic are produced by the same manufacturer.

After the preparation of the skin, immediately apply the acne cream on it. Read the instructions for use carefully. If you are the owner of oily problem skin, distribute the product throughout the face. After the cream is slightly absorbed, you can use a tonal base or powder.

In order to use the product as efficiently as possible, do not apply 1-5 minutes on 10 times a week to the skin with a thick layer. After this time, remove the product from your face with a paper towel. Also you can buy a special mask for problem skin.

If you are the owner of dry sensitive skin, on which acne often appears, apply the cream only to problem areas. The distribution of the product throughout the face can cause allergies. If after the application of the cream you feel an itch and see the redness of the skin, its peeling, immediately remove the remnants of the cosmetic remover with a tissue, wash it and, if necessary, contact the beautician.

Highly active cream from acne apply to the face pointwise. This means that the agent can only be applied to the inflammatory elements in a thick layer. Use a cotton swab for this. Apply this cream no more often than 2-3 once a week.

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