How to use a ploy

How to use a ploy
Hair forceps, or ploy, – a universal and very easy to use device, which makes it possible to create a variety of hairstyles. Light waves, steep curls and a whole cascade of curls – all this can be easily done at home without resorting to the services of professional stylists.

You will need
  • – ployka;
  • – mousse for styling;
  • – hair spray;
  • – A comb with rare teeth.
Wash and thoroughly dry hair. To get a long hairstyle, lay only absolutely dry strands. To fix the curls, apply mousse on them. Thin hair will need foam easy fixation, heavy and thick need a stronger remedy. Squeeze a handful of mousse the size of an orange in the palm of your hand and spread it over your hair with a comb.

Fasten the bulk of the hair with clasps and separate a narrow strand from it. The thinner it is, the steeper the curl will be. It is better to start from the nape – so the hair will not get tangled. In the last turn out the side curls and bangs.

Heat the tongs. Once again comb the strand, lightly sprinkle it with varnish and gently thread it over ployka, starting at the end. Twist the entire strand to the roots of the hair or only a part – it depends on the idea of ??the hairstyle. Hold the forceps for about 15 seconds, then gently release the curl, trying not to crush the curl.

Separate another strand and process it in the same way. Gradually cover all the hair. Do not comb them until they are completely cool. Curls sprinkle with hairspray and whip with your fingers – you will get the effect of thoughtful disorder on your head. If you want to get lush curly curls, tilt your head down and lightly go through the hair comb. Throw them back, a little overhead, do not apply the volume of the hairstyle and fix it with a varnish.

Do you need cool curls? They are curled with a spiral curling iron. Apply a strong fixation to the hair, carefully spread it with a comb. Separate the thin strand and gently wrap it on a spiral of forceps, trying to lay as flat as possible to avoid creases. Treat hair about 20 seconds. Loosen the curl, holding it with your hands to keep the shape and fix the curls with varnish.

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