How to use a hair clip

How to use a hair clip
The desire to change and look beautiful is peculiar to every woman. And this applies not only to clothing or make-up. A new hairstyle can change a person beyond recognition. Many ladies with straight hair dream of small curls. You can achieve this by using papillot.

You will need
  • – hairpins;
  • – comb;
  • – means for styling;
  • – hair spray;
  • – hairdryer;
  • – Towel.
Thoroughly wash hair with shampoo for your hair type and lightly dry with a thick towel. Apply them to the styling agent that you usually use, and start winding the strands of hair on the papillot: gently comb and tightly tighten a strand of hair and evenly wind it on the papilla from the tip to the desired length. For fastening the hairpins are equipped with special staples.

Чтобы создать очень пышную прическу, пряди перед накручиванием следует скрутить жгутами. If you have straight or even cropped hair, then you can only get light waves. When shearing steps, you can achieve tight curls. To get a wave of hair over the forehead, use clips, clasps or special scallops. To create a romantic "artistic disorder" on your head, you need to twist the papillions in a checkerboard pattern. One strand forward, one strand back, one strand to the right, the other to the left.

If you used papillot in the evening, you can safely go to bed right in them. Hair in the hairpins dry long enough due to poor air circulation. To accelerate the process, you can use a dryer or a drying hood. For drying, you should choose not too high air temperature. The second option – to wind on the hairpins already dried hair, which are moistened with a fixer in the form of foam.

Отцепляя папильотки, будьте осторожны, особенно, если ваши волосы тонкие. Снимать их следует только с сухих волос, иначе можно нанести вред не только to myself hair, but also its root. Remove the papillose one by one, slowly, gently untwisting strands. Place your hair with your fingers or use a comb with sparse teeth. Give your hair a little rest before combing, sprinkle your hair with hair spray.

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