How to use a face cream in the heat

How to use a face cream in the heat
In hot weather, you need to provide a comfortable skin. When applying too dense means on the face, the skin stops breathing, the pores become clogged, and by the morning swelling is possible. Therefore, treat the choice of summer cream deliberately and use it correctly.

You will need
  • Water-based cream, moisturizing emulsion, thermal water.
In the heat, facial skin is in extreme conditions: it sweats excessively due to high temperature, is exposed to intense sunlight. Hot air dries the skin, dust clogs the pores. Because of the squinting of the eyes in the sun, wrinkles appear, the face looks tired. In summer, use a water-based face cream. Choose it for the type of skin. This cream keeps the required amount of moisture in the face skin. Suitable and moisturizing milk emulsion. If you have oily skin, use a water-based cream as a protective make-up base.

Due to moisturizing cream, the amount of moisture in the skin increases, so the skin becomes more elastic, elastic, and wrinkles decrease. Apply a thin layer of cream, as a large amount of cream can provoke sweating of the face. Under the influence of the cream, the blood circulation is activated, so the skin regenerates faster. In summer, cosmetologists recommend using a moisturizer twice a day: in the morning after washing and before going to bed.

Remember that ultraviolet rays destroy collagen fibers. Therefore, choose a cream with a sunscreen. When the amount of collagen becomes smaller, the skin dries. As a result, there are no longer mimic, but usual wrinkles. During the heat, do not wash face with soap: it additionally dries the dehydrated skin. As a means for washing, take a gel or foam. Finish washing with cool water.

Before applying the cream in the summer it is useful to wipe the face with ice cubes. To do this, prepare a herbal broth of chamomile, marigold and freeze it in special molds. The procedure for rubbing with ice refreshes, moisturizes and tones the skin. Thus, it becomes more prepared for the application of the cream. If you have normal skin, after the ice cream can not be used at all. The skin will be sufficiently nourished.

Day cream must contain vitamins A, C, B, E. They protect the skin from the action of free radicals. The usual day cream leaves a film on the skin, which is an obstacle to the evaporation of moisture. Thus, because of poor-quality cream, the effect of the greenhouse is obtained: the face overheats and turns red, and the pores become clogged. From this very quickly appear pimples. In addition, poorly protected skin quickly burns and begins to peel off.

In the summer during the day, use dry and moisturizing napkins, even if you have absolutely no makeup on your face. To protect the skin of the eyelids from the sun, use a cream for eyelids and wear sunglasses. Thermal water and moisturizing sprays are those that need to be applied over the face on top of the makeup by spraying. If there is no thermal water at hand, just wet your hands with water and pat them in front of your face. Drops of water will moisturize the skin. By the way, thermal water can easily be replaced with ordinary mineral water.

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