How to use a depilator

How to use a depilator
The depilator, or more correctly a depilator, the device for hair removal with a root. When it is used, unwanted hairs are completely pulled out. The first experiments with the epilator can be very painful, but you should get used to it, and you will understand how effective and convenient it is.

For the first use of a depilator choose the least sensitive place on the skin, otherwise you risk getting a real pain shock, and again take depilatory в руки вам будет просто страшно. Если место подобрано правильно, боль будет умеренной, а с каждым разом она будет уменьшаться. Кожа будет привыкать к действию депилятора, а волоски будут становится более редкими и менее толстыми, и депилятор легче справится с ними.

use depilatory it is possible only when the length of the hair reaches at least half a millimeter, otherwise the device will simply not have something to catch on. On the other hand, too long hair also can not be epilated, they must first be cut at least to centimeter length.

For the procedure to pass the least painful, the skin must be prepared – first to steam, to allow the pores to expand, and then wipe dry and, preferably, grease with degreasing lotion. But to nourish and moisturize the skin before the procedure, on the contrary, it is not necessary, since the hairs in this case will become more slippery, and the machine will be difficult to grasp. However, the most modern and expensive models allow you to do hair removal directly in a hot bath, on wet skin.

Волоски у всех растут по-разному, поэтому у депилятора есть регулятор скорости, который позволяет подобрать скорость работы, идеальную для вашей кожи. Чтобы подобрать ее, необходимо хорошо поэкспериментировать.

Перед эпиляцией постарайтесь расслабиться не настраивайтесь заранее на боль: зажгите аромолампу, включите приятную музыку, подумайте о том, какими красивыми совсем скоро станут ваши ножки.

The depilator needs to smoothly guide the skin against hair growth, while keeping it with one hand perpendicular to the leg, and the other to stretch the skin. If the pain is completely stopped, then the site is processed and you can move on to the next. After the end of hair removal, apply a soothing cream to your skin.

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