How to use a compact powder

How to use a compact powder
Powder is the main and very important element of any make-up. It smooths the color and contours of the face, freshens and matures, gives the face shine and gloss, hides small skin defects. Correctly selected tone and texture of powder – the guarantee of a quality and effective make-up. There are simple rules, following which powder becomes a "second skin", protecting the first from external adverse effects.

Apply powder to the tonal base, and only after it is absorbed by the skin. If you hurry, the powder will lie unevenly, and the face will look spotty. The shade of the powder may be a tone darker than the skin or tonal remedy in summer, but in winter it is better to choose a light powder, in the tone of the skin or a little lighter.

Do not just limit your cheekbones, forehead and chin. You can apply powder not only as a finishing touch in make-up, but also as a matting agent for eyelids, nose and lips. Before applying lipstick, powder the lips, and lightly cover powdered веки – макияж будет держаться гораздо дольше.

Пользуйтесь только специальной объемной кисточкой для пудры, а пуховкой припудривайте Т-образную зону, когда в этих местах появится блеск. Если вы немного перестарались, то не спешите стирать пудру ватным тампоном, салфеткой или платком. Лучше большой кистью энергично «разметите» излишки пудры.

Those who do not use a tonal basis should choose a transparent powder tone in tone with a hint of skin, so that it lies flat and imperceptible on the face. If your skin is prone to rashes and irritation, buy a special powder with an antiseptic effect or with mineral ingredients. It does not contain fats and perfumes, but it includes antibacterial additives.

To slightly correct the oval face, keep in the cosmetic bag at once a few shades of powder from the lightest (for example, porcelain) to the shade of bronze. The dark powdered выделите скулы, а светлую слегка распределите под нижними over the centuriesto refresh your face.

The powder is applied from the bottom up, starting from the line of the chin and cheekbones to the forehead through the cheeks and nose. Take care not to leave small balls of powder on the eyebrows and eyelashes. It is advisable to check the result of application in daylight, even if in your opinion make-up is ideal.

If you are the owner of oily skin, then you do not fit cream powder or balls. Friable and compact powder – the best option.

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