How to Unstick Eyelashes

How to Unstick Eyelashes
Artificial eyelashes beautiful, but there is also the reverse side of beauty – heaviness and pain in the eyes, because the eyelid is not intended for additional workload. Average eyelashes bring beauty to its owner about 15 days, sometimes a little more, and overhead will last no more than 3-5 days. But if you decide to remove embossed or false cilia ahead of time, use any method convenient for you.

You will need
  • Debonder
Buy a special agent that dissolves the glue. It's called Debonder, and buy You can have it in any professional store where materials for eyelash extensions. Overhead eyelashes glued to the glue with the same composition as the accreted ones. Apply a small amount of cream on the base of the eyelid where the glue line is. Wait a few minutes and carefully separate invoices cilia from natural. Rinse your eyes thoroughly and apply a nourishing cream on your eyelids.

For the removal of eyelashes can use and oils: olive, sunflower, burdock or castor. Well soak the cilia oil and wait for 5 minutes, then apply a little more oil. Rinse eyes thoroughly with a washing gel. If the glue is strong, then this method will not bring results. But you can repeat it several times, gradually butter soak the glue and eyelashes it will turn out to be removed.

Instead of oil you can use a fat cream, for example, a baby cream. Apply it on the line of eyelash growth, preferably at night. And in the morning try to separate the artificial eyelashes with tweezers. Sensations can be slightly painful, but do not be afraid, wrest your own eyelashes not so simple, so you can safely take off invoices.

If all your efforts have not yielded a positive result, contact any salon beauty. The master will remove the cilia for a nominal fee. If you have inflammation mucous shell eyes, go to the reception to the oculist, you will be prescribed anti-inflammatory drops. Some people have an allergic reaction to synthetic materials, from this and all the problems. Do not tolerate discomfort for the sake of beauty, especially when it comes to health.

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