How to understand how you look

How to understand how you look
Assess your appearance, the manner of dressing and keeping yourself objectively is not always easy. But it's worth trying: after all, this kind of view will help to correct the shortcomings, which previously people did not notice or considered unimportant.

Accuracy and grooming – the basis of attractive appearance

Honestly answer yourself to the question: are your clothes, shoes and hair always in good condition? Unobtrusive at first glance, "little things" like a tightly sewn on the buttons, spots on the blouse, not too clean hair or a little peeled varnish are really conspicuous and can spoil the impression of others around you.

And, on the contrary, well-groomed appearance and clean clothes will help to make a pleasant impression, despite the errors in the design of the wardrobe.

Explore your features

Soberly and whenever possible objectively try to evaluate the type of your figure. Any, the most perfect from the point of view of a combination of colors and selection of accessories, the outfit, not wearing a "one's" figure, will look ridiculous and ridiculous.

Determine the color type of your appearance. If this creates difficulties, you should consult a stylist. The fact is that the color-type is the basis of your image, which you will be guided by, selecting the color range of your wardrobe. Properly selected colors in clothes will emphasize your natural dignity, and colors that are counter-indicative to your color, will reduce your efforts to look perfect for nothing: you are simply "lost" in an alien to your type of color scheme.

Look around

Of course, it helps to evaluate and adjust your manner of dressing to watch fashion magazines and TV shows such as "Fashionable sentence". The advice given by the stylists is sometimes very useful.

But no less useful information you get, just looking around and looking at how people dress and look, who walk the streets of your city. Armed with the advice of stylists, you can already determine what you saw as what you wanted to try to apply yourself, and what is absolutely unacceptable for you.

By the way, it's useful to look not only at people, but also on your own reflection in shop windows and other mirror surfaces. This will help you to objectively assess your gait, posture, and manner of holding on. Believe me, you will get a more correct impression of your appearance, rather than studying your image of a house in a mirror. After all, it's no secret that before the mirror everyone poses a little, they try to take a more advantageous pose, they look at the reflection in the most advantageous perspective. Here you will see yourself "in the field conditions", Without embellishment.

Ask for advice

And, of course, the opinion from outside will not be superfluous. Talk to a friend whose opinion and taste you trust. Ask her to objectively evaluate your appearance, point out the shortcomings that are visible to her. Of course, for such a conversation you will have to be bold and patient: maybe her words will not be very pleasant to you. Do not be offended! Convince yourself that criticizing you, it is doing you a favor, cares about making you look more attractive. And is not this what true friends are for ?!

And the most correct, perhaps, will be to consult a professional stylist. Together with a specialist you can work on your own image most effectively.

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