How to twist hair on a hair clip

How to twist hair on a hair clip
Any hair can decorate beautiful curls. They give the woman elegance, if you make large curls, or exotic, if you make small waves. There are a lot of different special means for forming curls, but not all of them are safe for hair health. The use of a curd can lead to thinning and burning of the hair. The safest method of obtaining beautiful curls is the use of papillotok. There are several types of styling with curlers (papillotok), which can be purchased at a specialized store or made independently. The main difference between the hairpins is in the material from which they are made. Those that are made of large porous foam rubber are more accessible, but they will not keep the shape of the curls, forming angular features, and at the same time quickly fail. It is more convenient to use hairpins made of dense foam rubber and covered with rubberized material on top. Inside of them is inserted wire, which helps to fix the shape of the curler. There are also small and large papyolki, the choice must be made based on the required result.

If you need small curls, you should choose thin hairpins, and large curls are obtained with the help of large in diameter hair curlers.

Before winding hair on curler hair curlers, you need to wash your head and dry your hair with a hair dryer. Papillot more effectively wind on dry hair, in this case, the curls will turn out smooth, and if the hair has a dense structure, you should first moisten the strand with water using a spray gun.

To begin with, it is necessary to divide the hair into small strands according to the sectors, depending on what curls are required: small or large. Next, take the papercut and, holding it perpendicular to the strand, wind the curlers on it in such a way that the hair remains in the central part of the curler. Once the desired length is wound, gently bend the hairpin in the shape of a horseshoe, bending the ends up. Do this procedure with each hair band, starting from the back of the head and gradually ending with the crown.

There are two main ways of styling hair on the hairpin. More natural is the option of a light wave. Also there is an evening version, which keeps the shape of swirling curls for quite a long time.

The longer the strands of hair, the longer it takes to keep them locked.

To get a light styling, curl small curls of hair on curlers, moisten them with water beforehand. Then you can go to bed (if the hair is wound up before going to bed) or just leave the papillot for several hours. After the time has elapsed, unfold the hairpins in their original position, and very carefully distribute the strands. Then parse the curls with your fingers and fix it with a small amount of varnish. After 15 minutes, the curls will acquire the effect of light waves.

In order to get a clear-cut elastic curls, you need to apply a fixing spray or hair styling gel. Before winding the hair, moisten them a little and then apply the gel or spray for fixation together with the hairspray directly on each strand before it is wound on the hairpin. In this position, leave the hair for several hours. Before you unwind the curlers, you must thoroughly warm them with a hair dryer. Adjust the hairdryer to an average temperature, so as not to overdry the hair.

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