How to turn a blind eye

How to turn a blind eye
Want to give the look of attractiveness? Give preference to "arrows", which half a century ago became a symbol of women's attractiveness. After all, it is not accidental, even after several decades, they are still relevant.

You will need
  • – liquid circuit
  • – eyeliner
  • – cotton buds
  • – makeup remover
Чтобы подвести eyes, воспользуйтесь жидким контуром или полумягким in pencil. If you have never painted "arrows" before, and ahead – a celebration or a date, do not experiment a few minutes before leaving home. It is better to save time, cotton buds and make-up remover. First, learn how to draw a solid line for the growth of eyelashes, in the direction from the inner edge of the upper eyelid to the outer one. Professional make-up artists recommend newcomers to first outline the points and already along them to draw the lines. Or start drawing "arrow" from the middle to the outer edge of the century.

In order not to tremble hands, put your elbows on a table or other hard surface. If you use a pencil, you can slightly shade the line at the outer corner of the eye. Do you prefer liquid liner? Before using it, apply a shade or lightly powder the eyelid so that the line does not fade. Do not blink for the first 10 seconds after you have placed the eyelid: this will help to fix the result. Expressively emphasize the lower eyelid line, drawn by a semi-soft pencil for eyelash growth. Do not use a liquid contour for this purpose – it will make the look vulgar.

With the help of podvody you can not only finish the image, but also simulate the cut of the eyes. The effect of an "open look" will help visually increase them. To achieve this, do not connect the upper and lower "arrows" at the outer corner of the eye. Leave 3-5 mm between them and slightly lift them upwards parallel to each other. If you want to increase your eyes visually, draw the lower eyelid with a white pencil. Close to the bridge of the nose, underlining the eyes from the middle of the upper eyelid. Whichever arrow length you choose, its shape should always thicken from the inner edge of the eyelid to the outer edge, and not vice versa.

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