How to tune in to weight loss

How to tune in to weight loss
Tune in to lose weight does not mean that, for example, on Monday, you must abruptly abandon the "harmful" food and torture yourself with exercises. First of all, imagine how you and your whole life will change when you reach the desired weight and shape. In order not to lose determination, you can tell about a new period in your life to a few trusted friends – they will support and slightly criticize, if that.

You will need
  • The desire to build your life so that it is full: after all, people often eat, when there is nothing to do, it is boring, there is a lot of free time, etc.
Eat, eat, when вы действительно проголодаетесь, а не от скуки, с горя или за компанию. Делайте это медленно и с радостью и заканчивайте до того, как полностью утолили hunger (feeling сытости comes, as you know, not immediately!)

Eat what you like, but often and gradually – so it is more convenient to control yourself. Feeling starvation in that case will less.

Limit yourself in watching TV and sitting at your computer – usually exactly at such times you want "something tasty", instead of it more двигайтесь. При этом не обязательно изнурять себя на тренажерах так, that потом эти тренажеры было противно видеть. Прогуляйтесь пешком, потанцуйте, сделайте уборку (приятно же, когда дома становится чисто).

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