How to trim nails

How to trim nails
Nails are a natural natural barrier that protects the fingertips from injuries and injuries. Like any part of the body, the nail plates need proper and timely care. Healthy nails grow on average by 2 millimeters per month, respectively, to maintain their beauty and attractive appearance, a regular haircut is necessary.

You will need
  • – щипцы для маникюра;
  • – a glass file;
  • – soap;
  • – Nourishing cream for hands and nails;
  • – a towel;
  • – wadding;
  • – spirit solution;
  • – package.
Prepare the tools for the upcoming procedure in advance. Carefully wipe the manicure tongs with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol solution. This will save you from possible infection. Choose a comfortable and well-lit place for a hairstyle. Put a napkin and a bag in which you will fold the cut nail plates in front of you.

Before как стричь nails, take care of their softening and cleaning. Wash your hands with warm water, using a moisturizing cream soap. If time allows, make a special bath for the skin of hands with chamomile or calendula. These plants not only soften the skin and nail surface, but also are remarkable natural antiseptics. After water treatment, dry your hands with a soft towel.

Bring the forceps to the edge of the nail, which must be sheared. Tool blades should be located opposite the white stripe of the nail surface. Firmly tighten the forceps and gently trim the nail. Cut the tip with the tips of the instrument. Cutting the nail in small areas, you will greatly facilitate the procedure and make it safer. On each plate you should get 2-3 tweak. Do not crash into the nail too deep to not damage sensitive areas of the skin at the fingertips. The optimal shape of the nail is round, corresponding to its natural curve. Leaving sharp edges, you will create conditions for ingrown nails, and significantly increase the risk of accidental skin damage. In addition, the sharp edges of the nail plate visually make the fingers shorter.

After cutting the nails, polish all appearing irregularities with a special glass file. The movements during the procedure are directed from the corner of the nail to its center. Complete the operation by lubricating the skin of the hands and nails with a nourishing cream.

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