How to trim bangs at home

How to trim bangs at home
One of the most accessible ways to change your appearance is to trim your bangs. For each shape of the face there is a kind of haircut. Some have a permanent opportunity to visit stylists and hairdressers. And others are wondering how to trim a bang in the home? After all, this is not so difficult, and the home procedure will save money and time.

You will need
  • – scissors with thin and sharp blades;
  • – if necessary, thinning scissors;
  • – Comb with frequent teeth;
  • – a mirror;
  • – good lighting.
First it is necessary to divide the hair into a future bang and the main part. The bulk of the hair should be removed in order not to be cut off accidentally. We remove long hair in a bun or a tail, and short we fix with a rim.

Very little spray the hair with water from the spray gun, so they do not crumble. Do not strongly wet your hair in the first haircut. If the hair is very wetted with hair, then by drying them, you can be surprised by the result. Remember that when the hair dries, they will rise. This should be taken into account when choosing the length of the bangs.

Well combed hair, divide them into 3 equal parts. Well comb each part in different directions. This procedure will not let any hair disappear.

Separate a small strand from the right or left side of the future bang. It must be clamped with fingers and pulled forward. Now you need to cut your hair to the required level. In no case should you hold the scissors perpendicular to the strand, otherwise the cut will be an arc. It is correct to hold the scissors at an angle of about 45 degrees. Hair is not cut all at once, but for a little bit. The whole process is repeated with each lock until the bang appears.

Now, when the length is defined, you need to straighten the unstripped hairs. To do this, bite the bangs well and cut off long hairs. here you can already hold the scissors straight.

At the last stage of the haircut, you need to wet your hair and comb it well. Now we press the hair to the forehead and see if everything is all right. If some areas are crooked, then carefully trim them. But we are not too addicted to this business, otherwise we can reduce the length of the bangs.

If there are scissors for thinning, then shear the ends of the bangs. Then it will become more airy and light.

Dry your hair with a comb. Last time we look, whether there are not beat out long hairs on a bang. If they are, then gently cut them. If not, then you could to cut a forelock in the household conditions independently.

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