How to treat very dry skin

How to treat very dry skin
When the amount of moisture decreases, the skin dries and peels off. There may be itching, redness, cracks. The reasons for this are different: from weather conditions to some diseases. When the body ages, the skin also loses its elasticity and becomes dry. In any case, this problem can be solved if you follow several rules.

Постарайтесь принимать ванны как можно реже, замените их теплым душем. Хлорированная вода отрицательно действует на dry skin. Exceptions can only be therapeutic baths with the addition of infusions of herbs, essential oils, honey, milk, etc.

Accustom your body to hardening procedures – do douches and contrast showers. You will not only improve your skin, but also increase resistance to disease, improve your mood.

To wash your body, hands and face, use only products containing moisturizing supplements. After hygienic procedures, apply cream or body oils (coconut, olive, etc.) to the skin.

Do not abuse makeup, do not leave make-up overnight. Do not wash it off with soap and water, but remove only with a cotton swab dampened with cosmetic milk or other means that do not contain alcohol.

Do 2-3 times a week to soften the body baths. Add for your taste in warm water broths of chamomile, mint, eucalyptus, milk, honey, various essential oils, etc. The procedure time is no more than 15-20 minutes. After the bath, do not rub the body with a towel, but let the moisture penetrate the tissue itself. Apply a moisturizer to the body.

Take care of the skin of the neck and decollete zone. You will be helped by masks and compresses from a wide variety of components. The main thing that they were with a high fat content. To do this, add sour cream, cream, various cosmetic oils, yolks to the masks.

Do a contrast massage with ice. To do this, remove the decoctioned skin with frozen herbal decoctions. A sharp change in temperature stimulates blood circulation, improves the tone of the vessels and gives the skin firmness and healthy appearance.

Dry face skin moisten with nourishing greasy masks or rub oils. To the lips did not flake и did not crack, use hygienic lipstick, and also grease them with warm honey, make moisturizing compresses with sour cream, with vegetable or fruit and berry puree.

Protect your hands from the effects of cold before going out to the street, protect them with a special cream. Also, soften the skin of the hands with baths and masks. During homework, involving the use of detergents, wear gloves.

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