How to treat sun burns

How to treat sun burns
In pursuit of a beautiful sunburn, many forget that if you stay in the sun for a long time without a protective agent for the skin, then there is a chance of becoming a victim of the sunlight.

The first signs of sunburn depend on the degree of skin damage. The lightest burns by ultraviolet rays are the usual redness of the skin. In a few days the skin will begin to peel off and everything will pass. Do not yourself "rip" the skin, but rather wait for its natural recovery.

It is necessary to beat the alarm, if the skin formed blisters with fluid, there was a fever, chills, weakness and sharply worsened state of health. In no case can you pick and poke watery bubbles, as you can put the infection in the resulting wounds. When the body temperature rises above 38 degrees, you should drink a tablet of paracetamol or ibuprofen. In case of severe deterioration of health, see a doctor immediately.

If you do not have drugs at your fingertips, then in some easy cases you can cope with "grandmother's" means. The most well-known and effective means is to apply a compress of curdled milk, low-fat sour cream or kefir. The composition of dairy products includes protein and various microorganisms, which allow you to keep moisture and provide a protective layer. The masks help well: a gruel from white cabbage mixed with egg white; grated raw potatoes; juice of aloe. These masks relieve pain, inflammation and moisturize the skin.

For the treatment of sunburns it is recommended to have in the medicine cabinet or put in the travel bag drugs that have antimicrobial, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect. This spray "Panthenol", balm "First Aid", cream or ointment "Bepanten", emulsion "Advantan", gel "Solcoseril", "Kamagel" with extract of chamomile.

It is necessary to increase the consumption of pure water, fruits, vegetables and beverages, which have in their chemical composition vitamin E, C, A, which contributes to the improvement of skin condition.

When burns are over, it is important to protect the new skin formed in their place, to abstain for several days from staying on the beach and remember a few key points to keep health and wellness on vacation:

  • it's best not to sunbathe from 11 hours to 16 hours;
  • sunbaths start to take gradually;
  • sunburn on the water enhances the effect of sunlight;
  • use a sunscreen, depending on your skin type.


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