How to treat overdried hair

How to treat overdried hair
When the sebaceous glands do not work properly, and the epidermal cells can not hold the moisture in the right amount, the curls and scalp become very dry. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that overdried hair loses its shine, becomes thinner, starts to break and be cut off.

Of course, dry curls can be from nature, but most often this leads to certain factors (improper nutrition, poor ecology, excessive use of hair dryers and ironing, etc.), getting rid of them or reducing their impact to a minimum can restore hair health.

First of all, bear in mind that you need to wash overdried and brittle hair with warm water – not cold and not hot, because otherwise you will not get rid of the existing problem, but make the scalp simply more oily due to the activation of the sebaceous glands . After washing, comb wet hair can not, because wet curls are very easily damaged and spoiled.

Also, if you are not familiar with the problem such as overdried and brittle hair, pay attention to the choice of shampoo, or rather, on its composition. It is desirable to choose a cosmetic preparation with a sufficient number of moisturizing components such as milk or silk proteins, chamomile and aloe extract, jojoba oil, glycerin. These components saturate the locks with moisture and smooth the damaged scales.

Good help and special masks as ready, and from improvised natural ingredients. For example, it is very useful to rub overnight in the scalp and apply to the hair burdock oil, which also perfectly copes with itching and dandruff. Of course, after such a mask, the head must necessarily be washed in the morning.

Also take into account that if you constantly use an iron or a hair dryer, be sure to use special cosmetic products that have thermal protection properties. Such preparations (fluids, sprays) protect curls from overdrying, and also slightly moisturize them and have an easy fixing effect.

And, finally, with over-dried fragile ringlets it is not recommended to use hair dye often for a better time to prefer natural dyes, for example, henna or basma. When mixed, you can get a dye to produce a wide range of shades from dark brown to black. Of course, this option is not suitable for blondes, and in this case, for a few months, it is generally necessary to abandon the staining procedure.

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