How to treat dandruff at home

How to treat dandruff at home
Dandruff – an unpleasant phenomenon, but rarely anyone thinks that it is also dangerous to health. To combat dandruff, you can use both chemical medications and traditional medicine.

The causes of dandruff are different. The main thing is a violation in the work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Another can be a pathogenic fungus that is always present in the skin and only when favorable conditions for its reproduction arise, it activates and causes the appearance of "bran" – pityriasis – of the scaly exfoliation of the skin. If you do not fight with dandruff, this can lead to the development of various skin diseases such as: dermatitis, psoriasis.

Home methods of combating dandruff

Now on sale there is a set of shampoos intended for struggle against dandruff, but it is possible to use in domestic conditions recipes folk medicine, which have been tested for years and successfully applied.

Oils. With the appearance of dandruff in dry brittle hair, prepare a blend of olive and castor oil. Add the lemon juice and rub this mixture into the scalp an hour before washing the hair, then wash the hair in the usual way, but without using balms or conditioners.

Remember that only consistency and regularity will help get rid of dandruff.

Herbs on vinegar. This method is suitable for those who have oily hair. Take 0,5 L of water and 6% vinegar, mix, pour into the liquid 200 g finely chopped nettle leaves, cook for half an hour, strain and get the decoction obtained with a decoction. Repeat this procedure daily for a week.

Tansy. Very good for getting rid of dandruff is a park of tansy flowers. Take two tablespoons of tansy flowers, fill them with 0,5 l of boiling water, close the lid and let it brew for a couple of hours. Infuse the infusion and use it to wash your head. Wash your head with a soap every other day for a month.

Cappuccino flower filling. Mix in 0,5 l water and 3% vinegar, bring the liquid to a boil, pour 2 tablespoons of cornflower flowers, let the broth brew for an hour and a half, strain and use the broth as a rinse after washing.

Eggs and yogurt. Prepare a mixture of 2 eggs, 50 g of vodka and 50 g of kefir. Stir well and rub in the scalp every other day, alternating with the washing of the head with the usual laundry soap.

Egg white. Take the 2 eggs and whip them into a firm foam. Wash your head with this foam. After washing, rub honey into the scalp, warm the head with a towel and rinse the hair with warm water after an hour.

This recipe will help get rid of dandruff forever. Take in equal parts grass celandine and burdock roots. All chop and pour 1 l of boiling water, cook the mixture for half an hour. Decoction of the broth. Wash your head in the usual way, and use the decoction as a conditioner. Hair lightly blot and allow to dry, without resorting to the help of a hair dryer. This infusion to apply with every wash of the head.

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