How to treat acne scars

How to treat acne scars
Untimely or incorrect treatment pimples leads to the formation of scars, because of which the skin looks unattractive. Cure scarring it is possible at home.

MasksEdit in the proportion of 1: 1 powder baldyaga and 3% hydrogen peroxide, to get a thick gruel. Apply the mixture to the affected area with rubbing movements, wash off in 20 minutes. After the procedure, the skin should be lubricated with a nutritious cream.

Mix 25 g yeast with 1 tsp. lemon juice and 1 st.l. milk. Apply the mask to the skin and hold 20 minutes. With this mask you will brighten the spots from pimples, smooth out scarring.

Возьмите по 2 ч.л. перекиси водорода и сока лимона и 1 ч.л. белой глины. Тщательно перемешайте компоненты, нанесите маску на 20 минут, смойте теплой водой.

Rub a small cucumber on a small grater, add a little bit of sour milk into the resulting mush. Apply mask to cleansed skin for 30 minutes. Cucumber mask bleaches stains from pimples, even the skin tone.

Разведите 1 ст.л. белой глины с небольшим количеством воды. Влейте в глину 2 капли эфирного масла корицы, 3 капли масла розмарина и 2 ст.л. лимонного сока. Хорошо смешайте все компоненты, наложите маску на проблемные зоны на 25 минут.

Take the 0,5 tbsp. green clay and dilute it with water until the consistency of sour cream. Add clay 3 drops of rosemary oil and apply to areas of skin with spots from pimples. Make a mask 3 times a week for 15 minutes.

Compresses Try to cure scarring for pimples with the help of medical compresses. Chop the cabbage 2 into a slurry, mix with 1 st.l. honey. Make a compress from the honey-cabbage mixture and keep on the affected place 2 hours. The procedure should be done until the scars are reduced.

Soak gauze with camphor oil and attach to the affected area, fix it. It is advisable to hold the compress all night. Carry out the procedure until the scar disappears

Разведите 1 ст.л. яблочного уксуса 3 ст.л. воды. Смочите в уксусном растворе ватный тампон и прикладывайте его к проблемному участку кожи на 5 минут.

Combine in the proportion of 1: 1 the oil of rosemary and tea tree. Wipe the oil mixture stains and scarring for pimples several times a day.

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