How to treat acne on the face

How to treat acne on the face
The causes of the appearance of acne are many. It is a pity that it is not always possible to establish an exact one. But in any case, an experienced dermatologist will help to solve your problem, and you just have to take care of the problem skin correctly in order to avoid the appearance of spots and scars.

Register for an appointment with a dermatologist or a cosmetologist – these specialists are engaged in the treatment of the skin. After a short survey and identification reasons emergence pimples you will have a number of cosmetic procedures that improve the skin condition. If necessary, make and polishing the face, which will greatly smooth out all kinds of roughness and roughness.

Обязательно купите все средство по уходу за лицом, которые были вам назначены. Заменить их обычными, непрофессиональными, не получится. Конечно, эффект будет, но он будет минимальным.

During the cleansing of the face, use a sponge, it stimulates the skin and cleanses the pores well. Also on sale there are also brushes for the face – at your choice, the result will be approximately the same.

During the treatment of acne, stick to the diet. Eliminate all harmful products from your diet: alcohol, chips, smoked foods, fatty foods of animal origin, eat less sweet, pickled and spicy. Eat food for a couple. In some cases, malnutrition triggers the onset of acne.

If the treatment did not help, look for the cause of acne. Address to the endocrinologist and hand over a blood not only on a level of sexual hormones, but also a thyroid gland. If the deviations are identified, you will be given a course of hormone therapy, after which everything will return to normal. The main thing is not to press acne, even if you can not live without it. Any trauma to the skin leaves scars that do not last for life.

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