How to treat a painful pimple in the nose

How to treat a painful pimple in the nose
When a painful pimple appears in the nose, many people do not consider it necessary to treat it, taking such a phenomenon for a quick trifle caused by a cold or a decrease in immunity. Nevertheless, such acne should be able to distinguish by concomitant symptoms and, as a consequence, correctly treat.

Causes of appearance

When a painful seal develops on the inner surface of the nose, itches, whines and hurts even with a light touch, you need to carefully consider it. If the cause of the popping out is the herpes virus, the skin in the nose can be reddened, swollen and itchy, and the pimple will eventually be covered with vesicles that will burst and form hard crusts. To accurately determine its viral origin, it is recommended to pass the appropriate tests.

Get rid of herpetic pimples forever will not work – the herpes virus permanently settles in the human body.

Also, the cause of the appearance of a painful acne can be an inflammatory process in the hair follicle or sebaceous gland. In this case, on the pimple, you can later see a purulent head, before the appearance of which the compaction will look swollen and reddened. With headaches and increased body temperature, you should suspect a boil in the nose and consult a doctor, since purulent lesions in the nose can not be left without adequate medication.

Treatment of painful acne

When a herpetic acne appears in the nose, you should regularly lubricate it with Zovirax ointment or its cheaper but no less effective counterpart Acyclovir. With multiple rashes of pimples and vesicles, you can also drink tablets "Acyclovir", treating the manifestations of herpes from the inside. Treatment should be supplemented with antiviral drugs and vitamins.

Painful pimples are strictly forbidden to squeeze out – this can lead to infection and other serious complications.

With inflammation of the sebaceous gland or hair follicle, it is necessary to use an ointment that will destroy the causative agent of infection, which are staphylococcus or microbes. With a slight reddening and ripening of the pimple, ointment "Geoxizon", having a powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, should be applied to it. If the pain in the nose becomes very strong, and from acne the purulent contents start to be allocated – or, worse, the carbuncle develops (several pimples simultaneously), it is necessary to continue to apply "Geoxizon" and urgently to address to the doctor. He will prescribe the correct antibiotics or open the boil, thoroughly washing it with antiseptic solutions that will prevent the spread of pus around the body.

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