How to Transplant a Piercing

How to Transplant a Piercing

К piercer can be treated differently – from the fanatical pursuit of fashion to the sharp condemnation of such "self-torture." In any case, the perforation of the skin should be approached with caution and do not exercise it yourself. One day you may need to transfuse the piercing. Even if the place of a beautiful ornament does not form a scar, the process of overgrowing the hole may be delayed. To cope with this problem and not cause complications, be sure to contact a specialist.

You will need
  • – antiseptic;
  • – мазь от рубцов;
  • – Plastic surgery.
Обращайтесь в зарекомендовавшие себя косметические салоны, если вы любите пирсинг. В этом случае будет больше гарантий, что место прокола в случае необходимости быстро и благополучно зарастет. Прежде чем травмировать особенно чувствительные зоны (такие как грудная iron, eyebrow, tongue and others), first go to the doctor.

Do not do two or more holes at once on one area of ??the skin, otherwise you can provoke inflammation. To grow such a piercing then it will be more difficult. If you still decide to make a series of punctures (for example, on the ear), give the first hole completely heal. Only after this it is necessary to do the second. Piercing is a small, but an operation, and it requires treatment. Usually cosmetologists prescribe an antiseptic (often – 0,01% solution of "Miramistin"). They need to moisten cotton wool and wipe the wound 2 once a day.

Start piercing on belly buttonif you plan to pregnancy in six months. Usually this time is enough to make a hole на животе completely overgrown. Do not let things slide – as the fruit grows, hole certainly stretch, and remove the puncture from the earring to the future mother will be impossible. According to the practice of plastic surgeons, beautiful fashionable jewelry in pregnant women often turns into an ugly scar.

Внимательно осмотрите отверстие от серьги, которое вы хотите зарастить. Если оно небольшое и не застарело – есть шанс, что пирсинг зарастет сам и без последствий. Если же на месте прокола появился рубец, отправляйтесь к косметологу. Вам могут помочь специальные аптечные мази вроде «Медермы», «Клеврина», «Контрактубекса» и прочие подобные лечебные средства. Чтобы предупредить возможные побочные эффекты, не применяйте мазь без предписания врача.

If your piercing has been done for a long time, badly overgrows and turns into a scar, consult a plastic surgeon for advice. Do not delay this so that the pathological process does not start. Surface damage to the epidermis will be quickly removed by laser polishing or other plastic methods. To get rid of growing red knots (they are called keloid) will not be easy.

Prepare for a fairly long treatment of a keloid scar. Usually, piercing scars are corrected by removing deforming skin tissues. But the process of developing a gross scar is different for different people, so you should choose an experienced doctor – he will develop an individual treatment regimen.

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