How to translate a person from a glossy cover?

How to translate a person from a glossy cover?
Correct facial features have long been not the ideal of beauty. Today, fashion is natural, sometimes even some imperfections of lines can become a "highlight" for a woman. You can be beautiful even if you do not have an ideal appearance. It is quite enough to be able to make a fashionable and eye-catching make-up.

The following variants of make-up were developed by professionals of the West for podium models, however they can easily be embodied in modern everyday life. Such makeup will always be there, regardless of the time of the day and the season of the year. And also attract the admiring glances of potential gentlemen.

"Wild Card"

In this makeup, the focus is on the eyes. The skin tone should be opaque, without blush. The lips are covered with a layer of transparent luster, or in general without anything. Eyes: for the upper mobile age, shades of metallic shades are chosen: gold, bronze, silver, on the bottom – a contrasting metallic tint.

"The Rebel"

In this version, an image of a slightly impudent, sexy, but not completely dissolute girl, is created. The skin is matted by the tone of a light tan. Cheeks are emphasized by blushes of a gentle pink color. Eyes – shadows-metallic shade "champagne". On the lower eyelid, a clear line of black eyeliner is applied. Lips play a decisive role in this performance of make-up. Lipstick color: scarlet, bright red.

The Tropicanka

Make-up creates an image of a bright girl at a night beach party, but at the same time innocent and naive. The skin is matted by the tone of the tan. The blush is bright in orange. Eyeshadow for tropical colors: blue, electric, sea-green, pale green. Lips pripudrivayutsya. And most importantly: a very large amount of carcass.

"Beauty from the beach"

By and large this make-up can not be fully called makeup. Skin tone: dark tan, matte. Blush warm shade. Lips are not painted at all or slightly powdered. Eyes are underlined by black eyeliner. The line of the eyeliner is clear, wide. Mascara is not used.


The image of a romantic young lady, refined, but modern. Skin tone: gentle, natural. The blush is pearly, coral. Lips are painted with a gentle shade of pink or beige. Shades of mother-of-pearl nuances. The inner corners of the eyelids are distinguished by darker shadows. Mascara is absent.

Using the above types of make-up, you can always be a bright, interesting girl, like from the cover of a glossy magazine.

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