How to transform your mother

How to transform your mother
Loving children often have a desire to do a lot for their mother, especially if she has put herself in the background for many years, worked hard and gave all her strength to the family. Sometimes older women simply begin to lag behind modern life, and for the transformation they need the help of close people. Make your mother's life a little better – in your power.

Relaxation is the beginning of change

If you have a desire to transform your mother, then you can hardly call her a happy, well-groomed, relaxed and contented life. Perhaps she is used to doing something for the benefit of the family, and rest for her is an inadmissible luxury. Do it so that your mother can relax. Try to free it from part domestic responsibilities, offer to go on vacation together, find an au pair. Your goal is to demonstrate to your very own person that without her constant control and participation life will not collapse, family members will not be hungry, and in general there will be nothing out of the ordinary. This is especially important if the mother is more anxious and loves to do everything to the smallest detail according to her wishes and procedures. However, if you manage to give her a break, this will be a significant step towards change.

External Transformations

Setting that much is already late and better not to start at all, is very strong for many women of age. Meanwhile, you can start taking care of yourself at any time. Of course, it will not be possible to achieve significant changes, but still a new wardrobe and cosmetic procedures can transform a woman: she will begin to look at herself differently, admire her own reflection, enjoy external changes.

Act delicately and gradually, since total changes are unlikely to be perceived adequately. Start making gifts in the form of quality cosmetics, interesting clothes, accessories. Often, older women begin to be stubborn, saying that they do not need it at all and especially not worth your spending. You can even go for an easy deception. For example, tell your mother that they allegedly won a certificate for the passage of anti-aging procedures in the beauty salon. Of course, you can not use it, and you do not want to lose either. Try to make it so that the mother still visits the salon and has a pleasure and visible effect: so it will be easier for you to tune it to a wave of self-care.

Healthy lifestyle

If your mother spent her whole life eating the wrong way and was far from fitness, adding her to a healthy lifestyle would be the best gift on your part. In the elderly, it is not so much about a good figure as about the possibility of prevention and treatment of diseases. The best option is to inspire your mother with your example. If you eat yourself, as it were, and do not even engage in ordinary exercise, your efforts will not work. Your eyes should burn, and external changes – be visible to the whole family. Persuade your mother gradually, inspire your example. The main thing for her is to start, regardless of fatigue and habitual habits. As soon as mother feels a surge of strength, ease and relief from pain due to a healthy lifestyle, it will begin to retract itself.

Communication as a way to transform

To transform mother, serious internal work is required. More often communicate with her on a variety of topics – from changes in modern life to your personal thoughts. Mom should not feel detached from the world, should not be stuck in the past and live memories of youth. Help her rejoice at every moment, make plans and see the future ahead – regardless of her age.

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