How to tone your skin

How to tone your skin
Toning the skin can be with the help of special tools designed to cool, nourish and restore its elasticity. Tonic for the skin is easy to prepare at home, using herbal medicinal herbs, fruit and vegetable juices.

You will need
  • Cucumbers, milk, linden flowers, water, honey, green tea, lemon juice, carrot juice, mineral water, peach and almond oils, rose petals.
The procedure for toning the skin is the final stage of its purification. Every day using a tonic, you can preserve the youthfulness of the skin and its beauty for a long time. As well as other skin care products, the tonic can have a different spectrum of action. For example, softening, moisturizing, nourishing, etc. When choosing the means of toning, you need to consider the type of skin and the effect that you want to achieve.

Toning the skin can be in the home conditions, using for the preparation of tonic fruits and vegetables, herbal medicinal herbs, cereals and cereals and a large number of the most seemingly unsuitable components. Owners of oily skin can prepare tonic based on alcohol. Persons with sensitive skin should carefully approach the selection of the components of the tonic for the face, since allergic reactions are possible. In general, toning the skin in Home conditions has a number of advantages over toning cosmetic products of industrial production, as it is carried out by natural ingredients with the maximum content of vitamins and nutrients.

Improve the complexion and additionally moisturize the skin with a cucumber tonic. Take one cucumber, cut it into cubes together with the skin and pour a glass of milk. Put the container on the fire and cook for about 5 minutes. Cool, strain and use as needed. Owners of normal and dry skin can be prepared such a means of toning: linden flowers in the amount of 1 st. l. pour one glass of boiling water, cover with a saucer and leave in a warm place for 1 an hour. After filtering, add a teaspoon of honey and regularly rub the skin with the resulting composition.

Remove the oily shine of the skin and cool it with such a means: brew a glass of green tea, cool it, strain it and add 2 st. l. lemon juice. Everything, a tonic for a fat skin is ready. Tonic based on lemon juice and carrots can also be recommended suffering from excessive secretion of sebum. Mix a teaspoon of carrot juice with the same amount of lemon juice, add to this composition one tablespoon of mineral water without gas. The only condition – do not leave this tonic on the skin for too long, otherwise it may become dyed.

Very popular among women is the toning of the skin with rose petals. Tonic on the basis of petals has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and fortifying effect. After its application, the skin will still pleasantly and unusually smell for a very long time. Take the enamel plate, pour in it peach and almond oil in equal parts and place there petals of roses. Place the container with the healing composition on a water bath and heat until the petals lose their color. Remove them from the prepared tonic and apply it daily before going to bed.

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