How to tighten tunnels in the ears

How to tighten tunnels in the ears
Tunnels in ears – one of the ways to modify your own body, popular among teenagers and representatives of subcultures. Unlike the usual piercing, the tunnels and plagiards leave behind large diameter holes. How to tighten them?

You will need
  • – antiseptic;
  • – анестетик (лидокаин, новокаин);
  • – Sterile needle or scalpel;
  • – glue BF-6;
  • – means for improving microcirculation;
  • – стимуляторы регенерации тканей.
Remove the decoration. The hole to 6-8 mm will be tightened by itself. In the event that you wore a tunnel or a larger diameter plug, this procedure will help you determine the elasticity of the skin. For a day, on average, the hole should be reduced by 1-2 cm. If it decreases in diameter less than 10 mm, you will most likely need the help of a specialist.

Address to ENT-doctor for the decision of a question on surgical way of disposal of a defect of a lobe. The choice of method of treatment depends on the specific situation. The procedure can be limited to excision of scar tissue along the perimeter the tunnel and the application of one or two sutures, whereas in complicated cases, a plastic operation may be required to restore the original form of the ear lobe.

If a large-diameter tunnel is tightened by yourself, you can accelerate this process by the so-called micropicot method. Its essence lies in the fact that the edges of the hole are damaged in several places by a medical needle or a scalpel to stimulate the regeneration of the skin. Before the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and treat them with a solution of any antiseptic. With the same solution, disinfect the lobe. To reduce pain, spray on the skin with "Lidocaine Spray" or apply a novocaine ointment. Take a sterile needle from a syringe or a disposable scalpel and in several places apply incisions depth of 1 mm. Lubricate the edges of the wound with medical glue BF-6 and connect with each other. Be careful, if you get on the damaged skin infection will develop inflammation, which will delay the tightening of the tunnel.

The method of micropieces can be replaced by a brief insertion into the tunnel of an ornament having a diameter larger than the hole itself. Preparation for the procedure and its completion are similar to those described above.

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