How to tighten the skin on your stomach at home

How to tighten the skin on your stomach at home
The problem zone of most women is the abdomen, especially after pregnancy and the birth of the baby. The skin on the pussy stretches, loses its tone and is often covered with orange peel. In principle, the skin can lose its former elasticity not only after childbirth, but also, for example, due to a sharp change in weight. That is, at first the woman recovered, then she quickly lost weight. In general, it does not matter at all because of what the appearance of the body has changed, it is more important to know how to tighten the skin on the abdomen at home.

There are several simple techniques that will help restore the skin to its former elasticity and elasticity, and it does not matter where imperfections have appeared, most of the tips are universal. Since pull up the skin on your stomach in your conditions?

1. Go in for sports. To the skin has acquired elasticity and attractive appearance, without physical exercises can not do. For the abdomen it is useful to conduct training on the press. At least 5 minutes a day, but take time to your problem zone. Exercises will improve blood circulation, muscles and skin will return to tone.

2.Take a contrast shower. Cool water is an excellent tonic. Before the shower, it is recommended to treat the problem area with a scrub and rub it with a hard washcloth. Scrub is better to take coffee or saline. It can be either home-made tools or bought in the store. Of the scrubs of industrial production is very good coffee brand "Black Pearl". Also, many ladies praise the means of the brand "Natura Siberica", in their line of scrubs with salt, sugar, in general, the choice is huge. Such peeling is very useful for the skin, since the removal of dead cells takes place. Circulation in the problem zone improves, the skin becomes more tender and smooth.

3. Use moisturizing creams. After taking a contrast shower or just a bath, it is recommended to apply moisturizing and nourishing products to the body. If you have signs of cellulite, you can choose a cream that struggles with these imperfections. From the budget, you can name the series "Fitness Body" from the company Floresan. Of the expensive – GUAM, Biotherm and many others. But it is very difficult to say which means will help you. Therefore, if you do not want to spend money, then prepare the cream with the pull-up effect yourself. To do this, buy the simplest baby cream, without fragrances and any additives, according to 5 capsules of vitamin A and E, orange oil, green tea extract (pineapple, algae, guarana, etc. that you will find), vegetable oil (jojoba , apricot, etc.). When all the ingredients are available, take a clean jar, squeeze 4 art. l. baby cream, add vitamin E and A, vegetable extracts, 1 st. l of vegetable oil, 5-7 drops of orange oil. All mix and apply to the skin. Keep this cream in a dark place.

4.Massage. In principle, the cream can be applied with massage movements or a course, for example, of a can of massage. This procedure is an excellent remedy for flabby and saggy skin.

5. Go to the bath. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, saturating it with oxygen. After visiting the steam room, the skin becomes tender, smooth.

6. Make masks or wraps for the elasticity of the skin. A mixture for the procedure can be done both independently, for example, from clay, and buy already ready. The main thing, see that the ingredients are not present ingredients that cause you allergies.

Of course, the ideal option – to carry out all of the above procedures in the complex, but if you do not have the time and energy for this, then 2 points are mandatory: sports and massage with cream.

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