How to tighten sagging cheeks

How to tighten sagging cheeks
The influence of age is not only skin, but also the muscles of the face. And especially noticeable sticks. Over the years, their former elasticity is lost, and the saggy look gives the face a completely different shape. But, despite the difficulties of their recovery, it is still possible. Tighten the saggy sticks you can both in beauty salons, and yourself.

Often, sagging cheeks occurs after a significant weight loss, so an important condition for maintaining their shape is body weight control. However, these measures are effective in prevention. And to restore the elasticity of the skin of the cheeks, use an integrated approach.

To successfully tighten the skin of the cheeks, approach the solution of this problem from the inside. And in a literal sense. Make a deep cleansing of all body systems. This is important for replacing old cells with new ones, including skin cells.

Go to the raw food diet, i.e. vegetarian food. It contributes to the elasticity of tissues and skin. And the body's need for proteins is replenished by products of plant origin. Do not forget about the additional intake of biologically active substances – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Each of these micronutrients directly or indirectly affects the condition of the skin and muscles.

Properly care for the face, which involves daily evening cleansing, nutrition, day protection and weekly deeper skin cleansing with a bath or steam bath for the face. Do regular nourishing face masks. Especially useful are honey, milk-honey, fruit and vegetable. Do not forget to take into account the type of skin and individual features of the face. Because the same mask can be dried or moistened.

Одновременно с вышеперечисленными мерами приступайте к непосредственно местному воздействию на мышцы и кожу щек. Настройтесь на длительное восстановление былой формы лица. Используйте для этого методы, улучшающие кровоснабжение кожи – массаж и упражнения для мышц лица. Они прекрасно помогают подтянуть кожу щек, и признаны самыми эффективными методами. Выполняйте их ежедневно не менее 6-9 месяцев.

Do not rush to tighten the skin of your cheeks with the help of plastic surgery. It gives a temporary result and requires a long recovery. Moreover, to maintain the newly created shape of the cheeks, all the same proper care, nutrition, skin cleansing, massage and exercises are required.

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