How to Tan without Freckles

How to Tan without Freckles
A lot of fair-skinned people, whose face is covered with freckles. Their skin is very sensitive to sunlight. And even a quarter of an hour spent by them in the open air, under the scorching sun, is enough to burn, not to mention the manifestation of a scattering of pigment spots. Of course, owners of this type of skin also want at least a little sunbathing. Yes, and vitamin D, formed by exposure to the sun, the body is necessary. But is this possible, and how do you make freckles invisible?

If you have a very light skin so called. Celtic type, then, unfortunately, a flat sun tan is not for you. Whichever means you use, you will not get a bronze skin color, you will still blush, and freckles will become more noticeable. Therefore, it is better for you to wear loose, light clothing, protecting your hands and feet from direct sunlight, and a wide-brimmed hat that covers your face. In the daytime, when the sun is at its zenith, you should not go out on the beach at all or wander along the street.

But these measures are not enough. Be sure to use sunscreen cosmetics, which has the maximum level of protection. Only this will help you acquire a light tan without increasing the amount freckles.

When choosing such cosmetics, pay attention to the markings. On the vial or tube with cream should be indicated: SPF (sun protection factor) – the degree of protection from the sun and the numbers. 2 – delays half the solar radiation, 10 – up to 90%, 25 – 96%, 50 – 98% radiation. The more protection, the better for your skin, especially in the first days of sun exposure.

Кроме того, при выборе крема от загара обратите внимание на наличие пометки UVA-UVB – это защита от вредных ультрафиолетовых лучей двух типов – альфа и бета. Запомните, что использовать крем или масло для загара вам нельзя, т.к. «сгорите» вы моментально.

If you want to have a light, pleasant tan without pronounced freckles, готовьтесь к лету заранее. Введите в свой рацион яблоки, зеленый лук, смородиновый сок, квашеную капусту, шиповник. В составе этих продуктов питания есть определенные кислоты и витамины, которые снижают чувствительность кожи к опасному солнечному излучению. Постарайтесь также каждый день выпивать по стакану молока или кефира.

Когда отправляетесь на улицу, не умывайтесь с мылом и тем более не протирайте лицо лосьонами с содержанием спирта, туалетной водой или одеколоном. Эти средства разрушают защитный слой кожи и делают ее очень чувствительной к солнцу. В этом случае некрасивые, резко выделяющиеся веснушки, выглядящие как темные пятна, вам обеспечены.

You can try to make a home cream from sunburn. To do this, take 50 g coffee beans (green, without frying and flavoring), stir them in a coffee grinder and mix with 100 ml of cold pressed nut oil. This mixture is placed in a jar, cover and heat in a water bath (without boiling, otherwise it will spoil everything). Remove from heat and refrigerate in cold water. At the end, put the mixture overnight in a dark place. After this, pass the resulting cream through a sieve to remove the particles of grains. This remedy should be used half an hour before going out. But it is stored only for three days.

Remember to use whitening products against freckles, and then sunbathing – is strictly forbidden, tk. after them the skin becomes very sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Получить ощущение легкого загара без freckles можно, и вовсе не мучая себя испытаниями солнцем или solarium. Buy a powder with the effect of sunburn and apply it to the cheekbones, forehead and nose.

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