How to take vitamins for healthy skin

How to take vitamins for healthy skin
The skin constantly needs proper care and nourishment. If it is not treated with due attention, it will gradually fade, premature wrinkles, irritations with scaly patches will begin to appear.

The skin itself will tell you what vitamins and trace elements it lacks. If you have on your face there are pimples, угри и другие высыпания, это значит у вас недостаток витамина А и В. При dermatitis you need to fill the deficit of vitamins B2, B3 and B6, with eczema take vitamin complexes containing vitamins A and B, with dandruff – selenium and vitamin B. In addition, cosmetologists developed special complexes, consisting of minerals and active elements that support the beauty and health of the skin. Note that, depending on their composition and purpose, they must be taken either together or separately.

Daily, consume foods containing a large amount of vitamin A. These include butter, fresh carrots with sour cream, fatty fish. These products are rich in retinol, which in a short time perfectly restores damaged skin cells. It is often prescribed as a food supplement for doctors to treat burns and prevent acne. With regular consumption of retinol, the elasticity of the skin improves significantly, as well as activation of the cell division process. But remember, you can not abuse this vitamin.

If you have dry skin, take vitamin complexes, which include vitamin B. In large quantities, it is found in kvass and in yeast. It effectively helps moisturize the skin of the face, as well as improve the regeneration of its cells. In addition, he very quickly gets rid of various kinds of rashes on the body.

The most useful vitamin for women is vitamin E. It favorably affects the skin due to the normalization of hormone levels in the female body. As a result, the process of cell regeneration is accelerated and a film appears appearing on the skin, which protects against the adverse effects of the external environment. In large quantities, it is contained in vegetable oils.

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