How to take spa procedures at home

How to take spa procedures at home
To visit the spa without leaving home is a good idea. The assortment of home procedures includes: spa baths, music therapy, aromatherapy, beauty treatments, home wrap, massage. Agree the assortment is not small. Where do we start? To start, choose the day when you will be absolutely free. To adjust yourself to the desired mode, use aromatic lamps. They will help in creating a suitable atmosphere. Endorphins increase mood, and aromatherapy contributes to their production. Use essential oils for relaxation. You will be approached: incense, mandarin, orange, lavender, geranium, sandal. Turn on quiet music, it will help you relax.
Begin the procedures with wraps. The most popular are anti-cellulite. In the store, buy everything you need for wrapping. For the procedure you will need: a comfortable place, a wrapping kit, a warm blanket. The procedure is carried out for one and a half to two hours. Make a peeling before wrapping. Next, apply to the problem areas (waist, hips, legs) a pre-prepared mixture in a thick layer, wrap these places with food film and wrap up with a woolen shawl or a warm blanket.
Wash the mixture and take a relaxing bath. Add essential oil, herbal decoction or sea salt. Here are a few recipes for spa baths:
Cleopatra's bath: a packet of milk (whole or dry) is dissolved in warm water. Add some honey. Take the bathroom should 15-20 minutes.
Flower-and-milk: petals of roses and chamomile fill with a glass of milk, warm up and add honey. Pour the mixture into the tub.
Цитрусовая: цедру апельсина или грейпфрута измельчите в кофемолке, выдавите 300 мл сока апельсинов, перемешайте и добавьте оливковое масло.
Cosmetics should be combined with self-massage. To do this, use a special massage oil. Massage: stomach, hips, back, feet. For the legs, make a special bath with essential oils. After the bath, apply cream and put on warm socks.
Завершите спа-процедуры зеленым чаем или соком.

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