How to take care of your skin in the decollete area

How to take care of your skin in the decollete area
Many women are very anxious to care for the skin and completely forget about the area of ??the decollete. Usually, due to the ability of the decollete skin to produce elastin in a significant amount for a long time, the first wrinkles appear in 45-50 years. But as a result of poor ecology, improper skin care, hormonal disorders and smoking abuse, wrinkles can appear much earlier. And this means – goodbye intriguing dress with a deep neckline! It is necessary to take the current situation into our own hands and radically change the situation.

To begin, reconsider your approach to personal hygiene. When taking a shower, use gels with a lifting or lifting effect, which contains shea butter or walnut oil, coffee, aloe or lime extracts.

At least 2 once a week while taking a bath with a special glove, rub the decollete area. At the end, complete the procedure with a contrast shower – alternating hot and cold water for 2-3 minutes.

Ежедневно перед нанесением макияжа протирайте кожу декольте питательным молочком, которое можно дополнительно обогатить витаминами А и Е ( масляный экстракт можно приобрести а аптеке). Можно приготовить косметический тоник their own hands. On a steam bath, heat 100 ml of cottonseed oil, add according to 2 st.l. solid coconut oil and fatty cream, according to 20 drops of essential oils of eucalyptus and mandarin. 2 times a day, wipe the decollete with a cotton swab dipped in this tonic.

After the evening shower, use creams that include glycolic acid (universal peeling for the skin at any age), grape seed oil (a powerful stimulant for skin regeneration) and salts of alginic acid (instantly eliminate dullness and uneven skin). But be prepared to spend a significant amount of money, since the cream with the specified composition produces only luxury brands.

Cosmetic ice itself is melt water enriched with oxygen, and if you use herbal decoction instead of water, the effect will be astounding (1 spoonful of chamomile, thyme or marigolds brewed with a glass of boiling water, insist for 2.5 hours and poured into ice forms). Ice just rub the decollete skin and make a light massage.

Masks for the decollete zone provide a smoothing effect. Their basis is white clay. It can be purchased at a pharmacy. Clay is diluted with water, add carrot juice, olive oil, cinnamon or turmeric. Apply the mixture to the skin and leave until a feeling of tightness, then wash off and lubricate the decollete nourishing cream.

Beautiful smooth skin in the decolletage is the result of hard daily work. So do not be lazy to take care of yourself regularly.

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