How to take care of your neck skin

How to take care of your neck skin
The skin of the neck is no less sensitive and tender than the skin on the face and also requires careful care. The neck, like the skin of the hands, is able to give the age of a woman, and in the absence of care, even add a few years. To begin to look after a skin of a neck follows years in 25-30, especially if early aging of a skin has got by right of succession. Previously, it is sufficient to use a moisturizing cream or gel, carefully beforehand, without stretching movements, by cleaning the skin with the help of a facial. In addition to cosmetic procedures, you need to remember that some problems are easier to prevent than to deal with obvious signs of aging, and therefore, you need to follow some recommendations:

– try to follow the posture – with the wrong position of the head and a heavy load on the muscles, the skin becomes flabby, premature wrinkles appear;
– во время сна пользуйтесь низкой подушкой;
– avoid reading lying;
– специальная гимнастика и массаж способствуют продлению молодости кожи, сохраняют ее эластичность и упругость.

Fulfilling these rules, you can defer the use of anti-aging care products and all the more cosmetic and surgical procedures.

At the age of 35-40 years, special anti-aging creams and serums can be used, as well as anti-UV agents, as the sun negatively affects the skin, dries it and accelerates the aging process. Lightweight textures in the form of a gel are preferred, since they are easier to distribute over the skin without stretching it. Up to 45 years, anti-aging and lifting funds should be applied at night, once a day.

В любом возрасте уход за кожей шеи проходит в три этапа: очищение, легкий массаж, нанесение крема, геля или сыворотки. После 30 лет уход должен включать и питание, и увлажнение, поэтому днем можно отдать предпочтение легкому гелю, а на ночь наносить питательное средство.

Массаж в молодом возрасте можно делать при помощи влажного полотенца, похлопывая им подбородок снизу и боковые стороны шеи. Движения должны быть нерезкими и безболезненными. В старшем возрасте массаж более продолжительный, при помощи рук.

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