How to take care of the skin around the eyes

How to take care of the skin around the eyes
Many women care about the proper care of the skin around the eyes. How to properly remove cosmetics from eyelids and eyelashes, moisturize, protect and nourish the skin around the eyes.

How not to harm, caring for a particularly vulnerable skin around the eyes. How should I take care of the skin in this area? This question worries many women at any age.

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest, delicate and sensitive. It is dry, because it almost does not contain sebaceous and sweat glands. Like other skin, the delicate skin of the eyes needs special cleansing, proper moisturizing, reliable protection and nutrition.


To remove make-up from eyelids and eyelashes, only special products that do not contain perfume and allergens are suitable. Everyday lotions, tonics and emulsions for removing decorative cosmetics are not suitable because they contain ingredients that can cause redness and irritation, as well as allergies of the epidermis around the eyes.

Remove the cosmetics from the skin of the eyelids is recommended with a cotton swab, a disc moistened with a special makeup remover. This method of removing cosmetics is more gentle. If you do not use make-up, then you can clean your eyes with ordinary water or decoctions of special medicinal herbs (tea, mint, chamomile, cornflower, linden, etc.).


The sensitive skin of the eyelids needs daily moisturizing for any of its types. Moistening the skin in this area is recommended in the morning to avoid edema. How to choose the best option, so as not to harm the skin?

Eye Skin Care Cream:

should have a light texture, so as not to cause puffiness in this area; should not be too thick and sticky, otherwise there will be slight stretching during application; should not be too concentrated on the presence of active substances than in other facial care products, so as not to lead to irritation and allergies; the pH level should match the tear fluid, so that in case of contact with the eyes, do not cause discomfort.


Солнечное излучение, ветер, сухой воздух, мороз – это враги нашей молодости и красоты, особенно для уязвимого и чувствительного эпидермиса вокруг глаз. К тому же яркий солнечный свет вынуждает нас щуриться, что со временем может привести к появлению мелких морщинок. Поэтому не следует забывать в любое время года при солнечной погоде надевать солнцезащитные очки.

In addition, it is recommended to use special protective creams with greater protection from ultraviolet radiation than for the rest of the facial skin. These products have a light texture and perfectly saturate the skin, forming a subtle protective barrier.


To saturate the sensitive and tender upper layer of the epidermis, special nutrients are produced with essential substances containing natural oils and vitamins A and E. Nutritional masks do not apply to this area.

Observing such stages, you will save the beautiful appearance of the skin around the eyes for a long time.

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