How to take care of hair in the winter season

How to take care of hair in the winter season
About luxury long and dense hair every woman dreams. Hair care in the winter is very important and requires a more serious approach than ever. Observing a few simple rules, the hair in winter will not be too dry, will remain healthy and retain a beautiful appearance.

The most important enemy for hair in winter is cold and very dry air. It is extremely necessary to use the headdress, going out into the street. Hair, like the skin, has a suction that narrows in the cold, which means that food does not flow to the hair and they dry. If the headdress is used, then try not to get the tail and the tips of the hair out. The same goes for the room where you are. It is important to maintain the humidity yourself, because the apartments have central heating, which has a very negative effect on hair and skin in general. If you can not reduce the temperature of the battery, you can put a wet towel on it once a day to ensure a certain level of humidity in the room.

In winter it is recommended to use special shampoos, balms, conditioners for dry hair. As a rule, they have much more power and moisture to the hair, retain the moisture level in the cells, which are indispensable in the cold season.

Very negatively affects the hair dryer and straightening ironing. They drastically dry hair in principle, but in the winter even more negatively affect the already stressed cells of hair and skin. It is necessary to try to avoid as much as possible their use and to dry hair naturally.

At least 1-2 once a week you need to make nutrient masks. Suitable as special masks for dry hair, bought in the store, and made at home from natural ingredients. Incredibly positively on the hair, and even more so the tips, is affected by burdock oil. It not only stimulates hair growth, but also perfectly nourishes the cells, makes the hair smooth, silky, nourished. Apply it to the roots and tips of hair once a week is more than enough.

Be sure to shear 2-3 cm dry tips every 1.5 months or even two months, especially if they already split. Such hair is already dry and dead, they do not resuscitate. And if there is a section, it will only increase with time and further damage the hair and overall appearance.

Food and vitamins are perhaps one of the most important and basic items for hair care. In the winter it is not necessary to restrict yourself strongly to fats and carbohydrates, since their lack leads to exhaustion of the body, loss of weight, moisture and failure of the hormonal system. And in the winter, our body needs more calories and energy for heating and providing a normal blood supply, which is responsible for feeding the hair of the head. Admission of multivitamins should be carried out by courses.

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