How to take care of hair at home

How to take care of hair at home
Long, shiny and beautiful hair surely wants to have every woman. Therefore, at all times, beautiful ladies carefully took care of them. We offer a few simple but effective ways to care for your hair.

Beautiful and healthy hair is the dream of many women. After all well-groomed hair testify to the general state of health of a woman and, importantly, cause admiring glances of rivals and the male half of humanity. Currently, there are many recommendations how to become the owner of thick and radiant hair.

Vitamin supplements are an effective remedy that will help you achieve the desired results. These drugs include vitamins A, B, PP, C. They have excellent nutritional properties and prevent brittle hair. Buy drugs at an affordable price just in any pharmacy. In addition, such vitamins should be added in small amounts to balms, masks and shampoos before applying to the hair.

Горчица является отличным средством увеличивающим рост волос. Она обладает согревающими свойствами и способствует быстрому росту волос. Горчица активно действует на корни. Из нее просто самостоятельно сделать маску в Home conditions, diluted with water and applied to the hair. The mixture is kept on the head for several minutes and then rinsed off with warm water. Burdock oil is also a very popular tool used for hair growth. It is applied warm and is not rinsed for several hours.

Самым древним косметическим средством, используемым для красоты волос, являются травяные отвары. Ополаскивая ими волосы, можно получить различные результаты: укрепить, осветлить, ускорить рост, придать блеск и так далее. Смешав несколько трав, можно добиться отличного эффекта.

At present, such a procedure as lamination, strengthening and protecting the structure of the hair is widely in demand. It is not cheap, but it can be done in a home environment, using ordinary gelatin.

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