How to take care of dry hands

How to take care of dry hands
Dry skin of the hands can bring quite a lot of problems. In addition to the fact that the dryness can be felt by another person on contact, such hands often appear to be not well-groomed. In addition, if you do not take care of dry hands, itching and pain often occur. The skin may crack and even bleed.

Daily use moisturizing oils. Excellent unrefined coconut oil. It absorbs very quickly in the skin of the hands, contains vitamins useful for the skin, has a pleasant smell and has a low cost. After the first application, the dry skin of the hands becomes softer before the eyes. Use oil every day as needed.

To dry skin did not flake you can use lanolin. This is a natural substance with unique properties. Softening of the skin is due to the fact that lanolin, when applied to the dry skin of hands, forms a film on it that retains moisture. In addition, lanolin perfectly protects the skin and promotes rapid regeneration. You can find pure lanolin, but it will be quite difficult to apply to the skin. It's easier to choose a hand cream that contains lanolin.

If you suffer from dry hands for a long time, then regular petrolatum will help to get rid of this problem. It is used only as a last resort, when other methods do not help. Vaseline perfectly protects the skin from external factors. But the main disadvantage of Vaseline is its inability to absorb into the skin. After applying for a long time, it is able to leave greasy marks when touching hands to any objects.

Если вы любите применять готовые кремы и лосьоны для рук, то тщательно изучайте состав. В нем не должны присутствовать спирты и ароматизаторы. Обращайте внимание на наличие в составе натуральных веществ. Идеально, если они стоят в начале списка в составе.

At least once a week, do a night mask for dry hands. To do this, smear your hands with your favorite oil or cream and put on cotton gloves. If your skin is very dry, then such a mask can be done every night.

Try to protect the skin of your hands at any time of the year. In winter, wear gloves and apply cream, and in summer apply sunscreen daily.

If you live in a dry climate, it is useful to purchase an air humidifier. In a week you will see the beneficial effect of this device.

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