How to take care of a woman's skin

How to take care of a woman's skin
On the topic of how to care for skin, written and said a lot. There are many home recipes and professional tools designed to preserve beauty. Manufacturers who represent cosmetic products on the market promise easy application and a dazzling result. So what is still necessary to preserve the beauty of women's skin, and without which you can do without?

First of all, select those care products skin, which are right for you. The organism of each person is individual, therefore even elite cosmetics, passed more than one testing in clinical conditions, может вызвать у вас аллергические реакции. Не верьте рекламе косметических средств. Верьте только себе, своим ощущениям и результатам.

Do not neglect daily washing. There are many comfortable means for removing make-up and skin cleansing, but they will not replace water. If the tap water seems too tight, wash with mineral water or use milk (cream, creamy lotion) instead of soap for washing. Do not forget to apply afterwards your daily cream.

Раз в неделю или по мере необходимости проводите процедуры, дополнительно очищающие кожу. Пользуйтесь exfoliants. Choose them taking into account the skin features (someone will use scrubs with natural polishing particles, someone – only with soft artificial granules).

"Recharge" the skin and nourish it. Apply masks in accordance with the indications for applicationindicated on the package. Conduct courses using various serums that help to cope with skin problems (dryness, lack of color and so on). Using these cosmetic products, make sure that the skin receives all the elements necessary for it, but it is not oversaturated with them.

Drink vitamins, beneficial effects on the skin. With approach of colds enter into the diet "dope" for elasticity – take a teaspoon of a day of any natural oil (for example, pumpkin or olive). Do not neglect the general cleansing of the body – toxins and other harmful substances also affect the skin condition.

Находите время для посещения косметологических кабинетов или салонов. Чистка кожи в Home conditions can end sadly. An experienced cosmetologist will not only eliminate defects, but will also recommend procedures and means to maintain the beauty of your skin. Together with the professional in your case, determine how often you need to conduct such procedures.

Пользуйтесь качественной декоративной косметикой с различными защитными фильтрами. Тональный крем или пудра не должны закупоривать поры, а тени и тушь – раздражать кожу или слизистую оболочку глаз. Не жертвуйте здоровьем кожи ради «визуальных эффектов».

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