How to take a contrast shower

How to take a contrast shower
Hardening with a contrasting shower strengthens the body. Under the influence of light stress caused by a temperature difference, the activity of the nervous system and skin is stimulated. Immunity is also strengthened, the mood rises, and resistance to unfavorable environmental factors improves. The use of a contrasting shower is contraindicated in people with cardiovascular diseases, thrombophlebitis and oncology. Sharp temperature differences are not useful in angina, cold and viral diseases.

Women during menstruation should also refrain from treatment, as it can provoke bleeding. The main rules for taking a contrast shower are regularity and a gradual increase in the temperature difference.

It is better to begin hardening in the warm season. The body will gradually get used to it, and to winter cold the immunity will get stronger. The season of colds and flu will show how much use contrast douches bring.

The procedure should be daily, it is gradually allowed to increase the number of quenchings to 2 once a day. Get used to a contrasting soul recommend step by step. The first few days you need to pour alternately moderately hot and cool water.

The first few days of contrast shower can cause unusual feelings, but over time it becomes pleasant and even loved.

The body receives useful stress during the temperature change. First you need to pour warm water, and then hot for 30 seconds. The body will warm up, and it will turn into cool dousing, no more than 10-15 seconds. Then again follows the hot, followed by a cold shower.

При горячем обливании следует помнить, что холодную воду отключать совсем не стоит, иначе можно получить серьезные ожоги кожи. Тело само подскажет терпимый для него температурный контраст.

The first time of alternating warm and cold procedure cycles should not exceed 4-5 times per session. And the water temperature should be pleasant for the body, otherwise the process of adaptation of the organism to useful hardening will be prolonged.

По мере привыкания нужно увеличивать время обливаний, доведя их до максимальных 1-1.5 минуты на каждое чередование. А менять температурные режимы рекомендуется максимально 15-20 раз.

It is important to remember that you need to take a contrast shower without douche. The temperature effect should be exposed only to the body, stimulating the nerve endings.

Skin due to such dousing becomes smooth and silky, it rejuvenates.

Violation of this rule can cause a stroke or pressure problems. Complete the procedure with a cool dousing, rinsing the back of the head and face, this will protect the brain from overheating.

After completing the shower, you should rub a hard towel and allow the body to "breathe" for a few minutes. On the street it is recommended to leave no earlier than in 30 minutes after the procedure.

The contrast shower is useful to people who are obese, with a reduced vitality and predisposed to frequent colds. It helps improve metabolism, removing toxins and toxins from the body and, most importantly, increases resistance to various infections.

Those wishing to do hardening are advised to check with your doctor if the contrast shower is useful for your well-being. Or it is necessary to choose another kind of douches, recommended personally to you by a physiotherapist. Remember that hardening with the wrong approach can bring not only good, but also harm.

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