how to survive the death of loved ones

how to survive the death of loved ones
People sooner or later face the death of relatives and friends, which becomes a tragedy and a huge grief. However, even such a grievous loss can still be experienced. There are several stages of reconciliation with the loss of an expensive person, during which you must control your behavior and emotions.

When a person loses a loved one, in the first stage he experiences a stupor and a shock. It is difficult for him to realize the loss. He simply refuses to accept the reality of this fact. In this situation, one should not leave a person alone with his thoughts, but spiritual conversations here will not help. If you are experiencing the death of someone close, try not to be alone. Ask someone from relatives and friends to stay close to you. Now you need support and attention.

Some people after the death of a loved one begin to save themselves with alcohol. Alcohol can temporarily distract you, cloud your mind and your mind, but their action quickly ends, and in the morning oblivion is replaced by an eerie hangover, which not only can not cure your mental pain, but also bring you physical discomfort. If you want to get distracted, better find yourself a useful lesson. Immerse yourself in your work, go in for sports. Maybe the deceased had a dream, or he did not finish the important business that he started? Now you have a chance to help him.

For a month after someone's death a person is already beginning to understand the loss, but his mind can not let go of his memory. During this period, you can see the deceased in the crowd of other people on the street or hear the house of his steps. Do not be scared, this is not insane. It's just that you can not get rid of the habit of being always with you.

The next six months you will experience periodic attacks of heartache. For a while you can forget about the tragedy, but then the pain will return anyway. Do not let tears flow and do not fall into a depressed state. Just learn to live without a person left in another world.

A year later, your life will surely return to the usual course. You can live knowing that a person will never be near you. You will do all your work independently, not hoping for his help and participation.

After the death of a loved one, do not try to forget it. This will not give any positive result. You should leave in your memory only the most pleasant and bright moments of your shared past. Some people try to immediately remove from the house everything that reminds of the deceased, erase messages and photos. Do so or not, it's up to you, but the saved correspondence can cause even more pain. But the photos are better left, let them remind you of all the good that was associated with the deceased person.

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