How to sunbathe

How to sunbathe
Not only in the summer you can sunbathe and luxuriate on the beach, but at other times of the year you want to get out of the clutches of a snowy and harsh winter in sunny countries. Take sunbathing is nice and useful, but only adhering to certain rules. Otherwise, you can darken the rest with burns on the skin or sunstroke.

You will need
  • – hat;
  • – sunglasses;
  • – water, acidified with lemon;
  • – sunscreen;
  • – free and light clothes made of natural fabric.
Do you have a lot of free time? Do not expect to fully sunbathe on the first day of your stay on the beach, you can easily burn out, as the skin has weaned over the winter from the sun's rays. Sunburn is a delicate matter, therefore it requires a special strategic plan. The most favorable time for tanning – until eleven in the morning and after four in the evening, it is at this time that solar activity is moderate and safe for the skin.

Чтобы не получить солнечные ожоги, приучайте тело к прямым лучам постепенно, начиная с пяти-десяти минут в день. Постепенно увеличивайте время пребывания на солнце. Не стоит надеяться, что зонт вас защитит от ультрафиолетовых лучей, это вовсе не так, они проходят даже сквозь защиту.

Armed with special cosmetic means and act with all caution to minimize the harm from being in the sun. Get a sunscreen, spray or oil in a pharmacy or specialized store. These drugs should contain substances that block the flow of ultraviolet radiation into the body. On creams there is designation with a protection index, the higher the value, the greater the level of protection.

It is important not only to correctly choose a sunscreen, but also use it competently. Apply the sunblock on the body for half an hour before going to the beach. Since all the convex parts are subjected to the most severe solar attack, it is necessary to carefully lubricate the forehead, nose, knees, chest and shoulders. Rub the cream in a circular motion, the layer should be uniform. If the fire is accompanied by a bath, renew the protective layer every three passes into the water.

It is not recommended to dress according to the principle "the shorter, the better". Give preference to light, loose and natural fabrics. On the head wear a hat with wide margins, do not forget about sunglasses, because not only the body, but the eyes need protection from the sun. Do not quench your thirst with alcoholic and cold drinks, better take with you a bottle of water, acidified with lemon juice.

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