How to sunbathe in the solarium

How to sunbathe in the solarium
You can have a beautiful and even tan even in winter, when the sun does not shine almost on the street. For this you need to visit solarium. To make the skin tone smooth, you need to follow certain rules.

A few hours before visiting the solarium, take a shower with a neutral gel or moisturizing foam. Walking in the sauna it is impossible, since moisture comes out of the skin, which can cause redness, peeling, and even a burn after the procedure.

Скрабы, маски и обычные крема не наносите на тело – это может негативно сказаться на тоне и ровности загара. Также не пользуйтесь духами и дезодорантами, так как они содержат химические вещества, которые взаимодействуют с ультрафиолетом.

When you first visit the tanning salon, consult a specialist about the duration and intensity of the procedure. Sunburning can be no more than a day. Usually enough 8 sessions, then you can visit the solarium once a week to fix the tone.

Before you start taking sun baths, apply a professional cream that helps to avoid redness and drying out of the skin. If you want to sunbathe topless, on the nipples Stick special disposable stickies (special stickers for protection halos). To be in solariums без них не рекомендуется, особенно после 30 лет, когда начинают происходить возрастные изменения в молочных железах.

Put a hat on your head to avoid exposing your hair to negative UV light. And protect your eyes with special glasses. A burn of the mucous membrane can also occur, so do not neglect the means of protection.

After the procedure, apply to the body developer of tan. Instead of the usual milk, use a special fixer, so that the chocolate color of the skin is preserved much longer.

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