How to successfully prevent wrinkles

How to successfully prevent wrinkles
Prevent premature appearance of wrinkles and delay aging of the skin is quite possible. But you have to start taking care of your skin from a young age.

Properly clean the skin without applying too hard and aggressive detergents, use creams that match the type of skin. Make up with the eyes removed with special means, but not ordinary soap. Do not stretch the skin when washing and applying cosmetic products, use only the directions of massage lines.

При вбивании крема хорошо использовать прием под названием «пальцевой душ», когда кожа слегка поколачивается нежными и быстрыми движениями пальцев рук, одними подушечками, по направлению сверху вниз. Эти движения на самом деле напоминают душ и совсем не растягивают кожу, наоборот, производят эффект тонизирующего массажа. Не растирайте лицо после умывания полотенцем, достаточно лишь мягко промокнуть влагу. Кстати, можно использовать и разовые бумажные полотенца. Это и гигиенично, и быстро избавит от привычки вытирать лицо, растягивая кожу.

If you want to keep your face young and smooth for as long as possible, you must give up sunbathing under the sun and in the solarium. Ultraviolet has a very negative effect on the skin, causes dehydration, loss of turgor, the appearance of pigmentation. You can get the necessary dose of vitamin D and get a nice swarthy, being in the shadow of a canopy or awning. But even here you need a sunscreen cream. Try in general for any time of the year to purchase daytime cosmetics with SPF.

Do not neglect skin hydration even in winter. At this time of year moisturizing creams should be applied in the evening, and in the morning, on the contrary, nutritious. In frost, use special protective creams on top of the usual cream. By the way, earlier, when there were no such creams, women successfully used melted goose or pork interior fat. It is cut into pieces, heated in a water bath and stored in a refrigerator. Fat very well protects the skin from frost, wind and dry air.

Always watch your facial expressions. Even in young girls there are pronounced mimic wrinkles on the forehead. To 25-30 years did not have to resort to injections Botox, try to control your facial muscles, do not frown, do not hold your teeth tightly compressed. The muscles of the face should be in a relaxed and relaxed state, avoid too active grimaces.

Try not to lose weight sharply. At a certain age, when the skin is not so elastic, even a quick loss of several kilograms can cause sagging of the facial skin, the appearance of wrinkles. Avoid hard diets, try to get enough protein, vitamin C. with food. Do not completely reject fat, they are also necessary to preserve the youthfulness of the skin.

Do regular face masks, use ready-made or mix the houses themselves from natural ingredients. Do not forget about peeling, exfoliation renews and rejuvenates the skin. But keep in mind that the thinner and more tender the skin, the less they need to use, and the smaller the polishing particles should be. Beneficial effect on the skin bath. She can be replaced at home by a steam bath. After all the thermal procedures, as well as masks and usual washing, start the habit of rinsing your face with cold water, it tones well the skin.

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