How to style long hair

How to style long hair
Hair length is the luxury and wealth of every woman. Long hair make a woman more attractive and feminine. There is a wonderful option for hair styling at home. In general, we can say with a minimum of funds, we will achieve a result that will please not only your eyes, but also those around you. Looking at the models from the podiums, we freeze at the sight of such luxury on their head.

You will need
  • Curling tongs, comb, comb with rare teeth, wax, gel or varnish for styling.
Нужно собрать все hair back and start working on behalf of: use crest with long handle for separation volos on small strands, after that, comb each comb well with a comb and screw it onto the tongs. The thinner the lock of hair the less it will turn out ring. Если же вы хотите получить более large curls necessary do прядь более толстого size.

The rod of forceps you must hold in the hair about 10 seconds (no more), then gently pull out the tongs and let the curl cool. It is necessary to do this work with each strand to the back of the head. Look at the progress of the work, so that all the strands are of the same size and laid in one order.

After the work done, comb hair comb with rare teeth. Gently apply to tips hair wax, thanks to this the curls will become picturesque and the effect will be kept for about two days. For a more precise fixation, one must fix his work with varnish or gel of industrial production.

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