How to style curly hair

How to style curly hair
Curly voloss – a wonderful gift of nature. Many women, wishing to have curls, spend a lot of time and energy on creating a hairstyle and envy the owners of curly locks. However, those who have hair curly from nature, know that to create a beautiful styling you need to work hard.

First of all, for curly hair the length is important. If the hair is too short, curls will stick out and flutter, which looks rather funny than beautiful. The optimal length for curly hair is below the shoulders so that they can be gathered into the tail.

Curly hair is often dry. Therefore, in order to make your hair look good, you need to use special shampoos, make nutritious masks for the scalp and refuse to use a hair dryer.

The best haircut for curly hair – cascade. She well emphasizes the structure of the hairstyle and facilitates the styling. Girls with curly hair should give up bangs. Otherwise, you have to spend a lot of time on straightening it every day, otherwise the hair will stick out in different directions and spoil the look.

Healthy and well-groomed curly hair look good if you just dismiss them. This hairstyle will give your image a natural and romantic. In order for the hair to lie flat and not to tumble, do not comb them after washing. Apply cream, mousse or foam to styling on moist strands, and then collect in the direction from the tips to the roots into a fist and squeeze several times – this will make the curls smooth and elastic, similar to springs. When the hair is a little dry, straighten the curls with your hands and distribute them in the direction you need. After drying, fix the hairstyle with a spray or varnish.

Spit, fashionable lately, also suitable for curly hair, if they are long enough. In this case, do not make too many of them. It is better to weave a small spikelet, smoothly passing into the tail gathered at the nape, or to make a three-dimensional braid, trying not to strongly стягивать hair.

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