How to stuff a tattoo in 2018 year

How to stuff a tattoo in 2018 year
One way of expressing the inner world, thoughts, desires, or belonging to any group or simple decorations is a tattoo. If you decide to make yourself a tattoo, and not a temporary one, but a permanent one – think carefully about what kind of picture and where you will be stabbing.

You will need
  • – трансферная бумага
  • – razor
  • – ball deodorant
  • – Vaseline
  • – Needle tattoo machine
  • – Caps with paint
  • – а перекись водорода или спирт
  • – disposable gloves
To sketch did not come out on your body with curves or disproportionate, buy a special transfer paper. Prepare the necessary tools: razor, ball deodorant, petrolatum, машинка для татуирования с иглами, колпачки с paint, as well as sterilizing facilities (перекись водорода или спирт). Работу выполняйте в одноразовых перчатках.

Use disinfected tools. Before starting tattooing work, flush the needles and holders in alcohol for 2 hours, then place the instruments for 1,5 hours into the oven, preheated to an ambient temperature of 180 degrees.

Тщательно выбрейте участок кожи, на котором собираетесь нанести тату. Обработайте кожу solution peroxide or alcohol.

Translate the selected picture onto transfer paper.

With a deodorant ball, transfer the sketch from paper to the body using a carbon copy method and wait for full absorption.
Lubricate the pattern on the skin along the contour with petroleum jelly to avoid smearing the edges.

Put on the typewriter 12-15 volts. The length of the needle is selected based on your skin type. The needle should not go deep under the skin – paint растечётся и рисунок будет нечётким.

Go through the outline of the picture. Use only jerky, dotted movements. Do not furrow the skin. Often apply Vaseline to soften the skin, less irritation and protection from spreading paint behind

участками контура. Вытирайте лишнюю paint.

После того как вы закончили работу по обведению контура вашего рисунка, смойте вазелин мыльным раствором и промокните полотенцем. Обязательно обработайте пораненные участки (татуированные) кожи антисептическим средством наподобие крема «Спасатель». Он достаточной жирный, чтобы смягчить кожу, а также в нём содержатся необходимые для скорейшего заживления раны вещества. Забинтуйте участок с рисунком.

Wait two days before proceeding to apply the tattoo.

After two days we proceed to the blanking. Again disinfect tools and skin area. Use Vaseline to soften and reduce irritation. Now take not 1-3, but from 5 to 17 needles. Put on the typewriter 8-10 volts and already throughout the sketch, apply the paint, all the same point movements. Try not to leave any lumens.

After zatushevki, again treat the wound "Rescuer" or any other mitigating cream и наложите bandage before healing.

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