How to strengthen the nails and take care of them at home

How to strengthen the nails and take care of them at home
Nail care should be regular. From the beauty salons it's worth carrying it home. A healthy nail plate should have a smooth, even surface, a healthy pink color, and be strong. If any changes are noticed, it can signal a health problem.


Beautiful and strong nails: the rules of care

The surface of the nails can change as a result of improper nutrition, interaction with chemicals, improper care. Therefore, the food should be varied, and also include as much of the vitaminized food as possible. If you notice any changes on the nails, then to restore the plate you will need at least six months, so that the nail could grow from the very bottom to the end.

Manicure should be done at least 2 times a month. Where to conduct this procedure, everyone chooses himself, but it must be a reliable and tested place in order to avoid the occurrence of any infections, all instruments must be disinfected. If you prefer to do manicure at home conditions yourself, then you need to purchase a manicure set. Incoming instruments should also be kept in perfect purity, before use, wipe with alcohol or a special antibacterial agent.

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Nail Care: useful tips

To make your nails look beautiful and shine with health, you need to properly and regularly look after them, namely:

1. Avoid exposure to aggressive chemicals.

2. To remove varnish, use liquid without acetone, as it dries the nail plate badly.

3. Nail polish should be high-quality, do not contain acetone.

4. Make nourishing masks and use nail oil.

5. Lubricate with cream, pay special attention to the base of the nail and cuticle.

6. As it is possible to apply a varnish less often on fingernails or nails – frequently it and is the reason of an exfoliation, fragments and a yellowing of a nail plate.

7. Proper nutrition, because the way we look is the result of what we eat. In the diet, components that are rich in calcium, iron, iodine, as well as vitamins A, E, of the whole B group are desirable.

8. Rub the vitamins into the very base of the nail. It can be black currant juice, lemon juice, essential oils.

9. If you notice the yellowness on the nails, it can be quickly and easily removed with a slice of lemon. The result is not to force yourself to wait – your nails will become whiter and stronger.

Here such elementary rules will help you to achieve success in the care, treatment and strengthening of nails.

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