How to strengthen the growth of facial hair

How to strengthen the growth of facial hair
Well-groomed stubble has always been a concomitant sign of a brutal man. However, not all members of the stronger sex can boast of it. Especially from scant vegetation on Facial young men undersproutsdreaming to quickly find a manly appearance.

Growth volos is directly related to the level of hormones (testosterone and estrogen) in the blood, and also depends on the physique of the young person, his lifestyle and nutrition.
Give up caffeine, contained in coffee, tea and energy drinks. This substance contributes to the production of estrogen, which inhibits testosterone. If you are fond of such drinks, try brewing a granulated coriander root. To taste, this product resembles a mixture of coffee and tea, but it does not contain caffeine. Stimulates the production of estrogen is also a favorite beer. Better go in for sports. Physical loads not only strengthen human health, they help to increase the level of testosterone required for you.

Основным веществом, стимулирующим рост волос, является цинк. Включите  в ежедневный рацион питания цинкосодержащие продукты. К ним относятся: грецкие орехи, яйца, фасоль, семена подсолнечника и тыквы.

It is believed that the increase in the growth of vegetation on the face contributes to the frequent process of shaving. Than shave more often, тем быстрее будет grow bristles. And although, most likely, this is only an assumption, it is still worth experimenting with. Shave for 2 weeks, then stop practicing for a while. Approximately through 2 month you can see good results, but do not forget that reinforced shaving makes hair the most rough.

P "P" SЏ accelerated growth щетины use special lotions: monoksidil, regeyn and rogain. They do not have color, smell and do not contain hormones. But their composition includes alcohol, drying the skin. Therefore, using such a means, moisturize it regularly.

Apply to the bristles burdock or castor butter. Leave the remedy for 2 hours, then rinse it with a mild shampoo or gel to wash.

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