How to strengthen the face oval

How to strengthen the face oval
The change in the face oval is very grieving for women. It can be associated with weight gain or weakening of skin tone – in any case, with hanging cheeks and a chin that has lost a clear contour, it is necessary to fight. To do this is easy with the help of exercises, properly selected creams and daily skin care procedures.

The sagging chin and flabby cheeks can be strengthened with daily exercises. A suitable complex can be found in a fitness center or a cosmetologist, but you can also master them yourself. The main thing is consistency. Gymnastics for the face must be done daily, then in a month or two you will notice the result.

Забудьте постулат о том, что лицо должно быть неподвижным, иначе на нем образуются морщины. Мышцы лица нуждаются в тренировке. Обеспечьте им эту возможность. Одно из самых эффективных упражнений – резко растянуть губы и опустить их уголки вниз, сделав «презрительную гримасу». Вы почувствуете, как напрягаются мышцы подбородка, шеи и верхней части груди. Повторите упражнение 10-12 раз утром и вечером. Бороться с потерявшими упругость cheeks will help another simple exercise. Type the air in your mouth and move it from one cheek to the other, alternately inflating them. Repeat 10 times.

An excellent effect will have a daily massage. Applying cream on face, pat on the skin with the pads of fingers, strengthening pressure in problem areas. Slap under the chin with the back of your hand, and folded fingers on the cheeks, moving from the bottom up. This increases the flow of blood to the skin and keeps it toned.

Do not forget about cosmetics. Choosing a cream, prefer a remedy with the effect of lifting. Collagen, placental complex, hyaluronic acid – all these components are very effective in combating flabby skin. Once a week, do face masks, not forgetting about the neck and decollete zone.

Very effective means – hot oil compresses. Preheat almond or olive oil, put it on your face and cover with a towel soaked in hot water and well wrung out. After 10 minutes, you can remove the towel, add another serving of oil and cover your face with a hot towel. This procedure smoothes the skin, softens facial wrinkles and visually tightens the face.

If the home remedies do not have the proper effect, contact a cosmetologist. You can be offered a course of mesotherapy, exposure to electrodes, hardware массаж или курс профессиональных масок. Скорее всего, косметолог разработает комплексную программу, предназначенную специально для вас. Профессиональный уход проводят курсами, а все остальное время вам придется поддерживать тонус кожи и мышц home remedies.

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