How to strengthen the eyebrows

How to strengthen the eyebrows
The world-famous make-up artist and author of best-selling books on the art of make-up Robert Jones is sure that the thick eyebrows allow you to look younger. Indeed, the older a person becomes, the more his eyebrows become thinner. It is possible and necessary to counteract this with the help of well-proven means.

You will need
  • – щеточка для бровей;
  • – burdock or olive oil;
  • – сухие травы (крапива, лопух, ромашка, подорожник, шалфей).
Прежде всего, поставьте себе задачу заниматься бровями регулярно: если вы будете обращать на них внимание один раз в две недели, не стоит рассчитывать на заметный результат.

Get a special brush for the eyebrows in the cosmetic shop. Every day (morning and evening), comb your eyebrows first against the direction of hair growth, and then in the direction of growth. This procedure is convenient for the morning and evening toilet, when you are doing your face as a whole: wash, apply cream, etc. Regular combing of eyebrows will help improve the blood supply of hair bulbs, on the health of which depends the condition and appearance of the hairs.

Один раз в день делайте массаж области бровей. Начинайте массировать от переносицы по направлению к вискам. Во время массажа кончиками пальцев выполняйте надавливающие, вибрирующие, похлопывающие и поглаживающие движения.

Do firming appliques on the eyebrows using burdock or olive oil. It is desirable to warm the oil to a temperature just above room temperature. To do this, briefly place a vial of oil in a bowl of hot water. Leave the application of oil at the eyebrows for 20-30 minutes, and then do not rinse, but only blot with a cotton pad. The procedure is recommended to perform 2 once a week.

Get in the pharmacy dry herbs in bags, which have a strengthening effect: nettle, burdock, chamomile, plantain, sage. Brew grass in accordance with the instructions on the package and get the broth moistened eyebrows. If you know how to harvest the herbs themselves, it will turn even bigger benefit, because you will only harvest grass in ecologically clean places. The treatment procedure for herbs is 1 – 2 a day, with courses lasting at least three months as needed.

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